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Kristian Thinkin, pronounced Christian Thinking, is a complilation of thoughts and questions about faith, life, and God.

In 1THESS 5:21 prove all things; hold fast that which is good. In other words it is not wrong to question all things. When we think through things, persuing truth, God does not dissappoint us and our faith is stronger for it. This blog is just that. Questions and thoughts. Some with answers, some that are open ended. Enjoy and keep an open mind.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Angels and Long Hair?

I was at the Christian book store the other day and commented to the cashier that her hair was beautiful. It was natural but SO very long, kinda like that old country singer Crystal Gale. She thanked me and we chatted about hair like all girls do... how long does it take to blow dry?... do you ever put it up?...have you ever cut it? She simply replied that it would be against Gods law to cut her hair because her hair gives her authority over angels and when they see her long hair they must be in submission to her.....What?! Enter awkward silence. Oh, I responded, I never heard that before. And just shrugged it off. HELLO?! Anyone ever heard of this before??? I really don't believe that I get less angelic protection because I'm layered and highlighted.....

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Cheryl Russell said...

Never heard that one before. Wow! Your post made me laugh. I guess every super hero has a weakness. Turns out, ours is our hair!